Who runs the union?

Local unions in PSAC have democratic control over their activities.  As Members of the Union of Postdoctoral Researchers at Dalhousie, we will decide, at regular meetings, on issues that are important to the local and the membership.  The local is run by officers that are elected by the members.

When do we pay dues and how are they used?

No one in the PSAC pays dues until they have had an opportunity to vote on, and approve a contract.  The PSAC has NEVER negotiated a contract that has left its members with less money in their pockets after they pay dues.

For example,

Because unions are not-for-profit organizations, the amount of dues charged is related to how much it costs to provide services to the members.  Dues rates are set by the membership in a meeting and then put out to a secret-ballot vote of the entire membership.  Current dues for PSAC are 1.6% of Salary.

Dues support a variety of resources that equalize power with the employer and enable the union to represent their members. These include educational, legal, organizing, negotiating and other representational services.